Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just Arrived! Harman/Kardon A 402 Integrated Amplifier

A very conservative 40 watts/channel. Total dual mono design. Ultra cool led meters. beautiful sound with a great phono section. Connects 2 turnatbles, 2 tape decks, 3 line level components. Pre out/main in jacks. This is a winner!

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Daniel said...

In fact,I'm running this amplifier for over 30 (!) years now. It never failed,it sounds great,it looks beautiful. I will never give it away! The volume pot is scratching a little bit and maybe I have to replace the elkos. I also own the T 403 tuner and a tangential arm turntable, the Rabco ST 7. Everything in good condition and just working fine.

Fredrik Langrath said...


How do you like this amp today after trying it a little bit more? Just getting my recaped now, even though I probably could have gotten another amp for the price I'm paying to get it in shape, but I just feel in love with this machine. How does it compare to some of the best Marantz gear from the 70s you think?