Sunday, September 14, 2008


I am excited to offer these fantastic speakers. Designed by Bart Locanthi, the former Vice President of Engineering at JBL, the HPM line were seen as improvements and updates of the classic JBL L100. The HPM-60 uses a 10 inch woofer, and like all the conventional drivers in the design, uses a carbon fibre/ paper composite cone.
This Wikipedia entry describes the technology and craftsmanship that created these excellent speakers.
This pair is beautiful! The woofers have been expertly refoamed, the dead supertweeters replaced with excellent ones. The HPM-60 model was only available in fake walnut vinyl. This pair has been refinished in real oiled walnut veneer! They look as good as they sound!
Local pickup only. Thanks for looking.
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ruud verploegen said...

i am ruud from holland.
i use these set in my music-studio for recording and monitoring.
i am very happy with it,
specially with the high and lo settings on the back...
Its a great sound in all spectrums and i really enjoy them on about half the power (say about 30 watts).
I am glad I found someone who have these superset too!!

my email =
and i hop you send mee back?

ruud from holland!

Anonymous said...

Is that you ion the picture LLoyd?....cuz you don't look very "excited to offer" as the text claims. If that's your excited look, please send a pic of you when you're not excited.

Anonymous said...

uhhhh, the dude in the pic is Bart Locanthi, the speaker designer that left JBL to create the HPM lineup at Pioneer