Monday, September 22, 2008


  The harman/kardan is back from service and sounds transparent and musical. A solid 25 watts per channel, designed in New York, made in Taiwan. Sounds amazing with the baby Mission 700s.
  The Sony TA-F3A was made in Japan from 1979-82. A beautifully built 50 watt/per channel integrated, it drives all the speakers I have in house with ease, and sounds beautiful doing it. It's considered by many collectors to be one of Sony's best, and I understand why. It also looks very cool with a finned heatsink (that gets hot) and bumpers in the back. It drives the inefficient (76 db/watt) JBL L36s loud and clean.
  The JVC receiver works nicely with the Dynaco A250s, take them both for $140.
  I've got updates coming about Mission and  Merak speakers. The Meraks on here use the same Seas Tweeters as Mission 770s, and I've just replaced their stamped frame clear poly woofers with heavier cast frame ones from a pair of 770s circa 82. They sound amazing! Pictures tomorrow.

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