Tuesday, September 23, 2008


As I said yesterday, the Mission 770s now have original Seas tweeters, and sound much more musical in the high end. While I was looking for the tweeters, I realized that my Merak M3s use the identical one. They are not removeable because of adhesives, and integral cabinet bracing (which makes the cabinets so solid). I sourced another set of Seas's for the Missions.
Then a friend needed the original poly, stamped frame woofers (that I'd refoamed) from the Meraks. THEN I aquired 2 cast frame Mission 770 mk2 woofers. these have been installed in the Merak cabinets with the Seas Tweeters and rebuilt 10 inch passive radiators.
Now the Meraks have Merak crossovers and cabinets and mission 770 mk 2 components with bass reinforcing passive radiators. They are beautiful looking great sounding hybrids and a huge bargain at $200 in real oak veneer super cool enclosures.
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