Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Infinity Reference Fours vintage 1990

I know these are a later vintage than I usually write about, but they fell into my lap, are great value (very important to this blog), and work beautifully with the amps and receivers I love.
This is the third pair of modest (no ribbon arrays, servo woofer towers etc.) Infinities I've heard, the most recent being a pair of 10 inch 3 way Studio Monitor 100s. Both of the last pairs had polycell tweeters, which to my ears have an overly effervescent sizzle that sounds like more detail at first, but starts to sound harsh fast. The Emit-R tweeter on these 1990 3 way systems are much better. The tower cabinets are in excellent shape, the grills pretty good. The 8 inch polypropylene woofer and 5 inch midrange have just been expertly refoamed and sound great. It's a sealed system (not ported), with a generous enclosure volume for an 8 inch woofer, and solidly built. It's a very reasonable price for a quality 3 way system.

company product info here
owners manual here
e-mail me to arrange a listen!

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