Thursday, September 25, 2008


This was in house for 26 hours. I missed it immediately when I sold it, then plugged the Sony TA-F3A back in.

I'm excited to have a Marantz in house for the first time in more than a month! I had one when I was a teenager, traded up to a 1070, then traded that for my first NAD. at the time I was concerned about the "warmth" of the Marantz, the NAD seeming more neutral and uncoloured. Thirty years or so later, it sounds beautiful to me. Maybe it works magic with digital sources (unimagined when this stuff was made). I hear that it sounds different than a 3020, but now here it as two different versions of musical.
This particular 1040 arrived dirty and scratchy sounding. It has been cleaned inside and out, some loose controls tightened, and now it sounds like a beautiful, rich Marantz.
The 1040 sounds great with the Mission speakers I've got in house, and I will listen tonight with JBLs (which are magic with Marantz), and the Pioneer HPM-60s, which I know will be cool.
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