Friday, July 8, 2011

The Sansui AU-777 Returns.

I probably should have mentioned that it was gone, but sometimes I don't like to share bad news. Within hours of telling you that it had arrived, I detected a nasty but subtle bass distortion in the left channel. I was seriously disappointed, but also too busy to attend to it right away. When I did, I took it to Vladimir. Oh, I've got more bad news that I hate to share. I warned a few months ago that Vlad was getting out of vintage audio repair. Now he's really gone and done it! He wouldn't accept my sick Sansui. I was expecting this to happen, but still wasn't ready to accept it.

I took the Sansui somewhere close to me, manned by an old school european guy who runs his own shop. His price was quite reasonable, and the amp sounds great so far. I will try him out at least once more before giving the Seventies Stereo seal of approval, which does for audio repair people what Oprah's recommendation does for authors!

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