Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just arrived. Just refoamed. Just Refinished. Altec Lansing Model Fives.

Look at that beautiful wood! I picked these up early this afternoon. Today is the first 'normal' summer day in a week. I mean with normal humidity. It was a pleasure to be out on the porch working on these. They look and sound as good as the pair I had in December.


Mike said...

I certainly agree about the weather. A perfect summer day.....sounds like the speakers are too!!!!!

thebeathunters said...

hi mike
following your blog for a while now,as a vintage audio fan. thanks for the finds and great pics of your systems. makes me want to put up my own finally. my main systems are:
braun ps500 turntables, csv and cev amp/tuner, tgc 450+l810 speakers
luxman L31 T34 (all braun components) +cabasse dinghy22, technics SU8600+rogers LS7+ditton44
it happens i just found a pair of JBL 36 that would need your help. let me know if i can ask you some advice about it.
keep on groovin'

thebeathunters said...

and btw what kind of stands are these?
i'm looking for a pair for my ditton 44

thebeathunters said...

and i wonder why i called you mike...
oh yes, because of the other comment
sorry lloyd!