Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Polk Monitor 7 Update.

I got them with one dead mid/bass unit. I replaced it with a driver recommended by Frank at The Speaker Shop, and they sounded ok. A day later, the other original mid/bass driver died. I didn't want to buy another replacement. Fortunately, I was able to buy an original pair of Polk drivers.
The Monitor 7s are now all original again, and sound fantastic. I was smart to buy them as a teenager, stupid to let them go, and I'm fortunate to have them again. I'd still love to hear the Monitor 10s, with 2 of those mid/bass drivers, that I couldn't afford way back then.


emingard said...

i hope that with all of your speaker posts you have a free wall speaker installation . i could be a good idea for your services.

a guy said...

I had a pair of Polk 5s, which I loved. I'd love to hear them now.

Bank of Dave said...

Lloyd If I recall you sold these for a pair of Energy 22's how do you think they stack up against the 22's?