Thursday, July 7, 2011

Technics by Panasonic SA-5250 Receiver.

I just love this generation of Technics receivers. I think they are among the most elegant receiver designs I know. As I've said here before, the build quality is fantastic. The aluminum faceplate, for example is about twice the thickness of a Marantz, with the tuner scale behind a glass panel, not plastic.
The bulbs are easily to replace, just screw in flashlight bulbs. All this wouldn't matter if the receiver didn't sound great, but it does. This is rated at 23 watts/channel, but like most vintage receivers, sounds much more powerful. I'm listening to Harry Manx on the SA-5250 and the Polk Monitor 7s, and it sounds great.

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Groove Control said...

That is one nice looking unit. I like the appearance even more than my Marantz 2230.

Does it have main-in pre-outs?

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