Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Update.

The Electrovoice monitors cabinets are all looking great in their Varathaned particle board cabinets. I've remasked them, ready to spray the front baffles and backs as soon as the rain lets up.

I didn't tell you that my beloved Sansui AU-9900 gave up the ghost a month or so ago. When you switch the amp on, a red light comes on, and turns green when the relay clicks in. After 30 minutes, the speakers would turn off the amp would go back to the red light and shut down. I assumed it was a specific, discrete component that was failing at a specific temperature. It's way more serious than that. Some output transistors failed.

Shocking News.
Vladimir is planning to stop accepting jobs from individuals, and start working for a commercial client soon.

Wishing Vladimir all the best in his endeavors, but having needs, I took the Sansui to a new (for me) old school repair guy right in my neighborhood who I've had my eye on for a while. The amp will be ready either today or Monday. It's been my intention to have the AU-9900 be my go to, reference amp. I hope this happens soon. I'm easy when it comes to equipment loyalty, and I've had great musical encounters with many, many speakers, I have had relatively few go to amps. They have been the Marantz 1150 & Sony TA-F5 (which I'd buy again in a second, which I regret more than any component I've ever sold). I mean an amp that can musically drive any speaker I've got, and the AU-9900 should be it, dependably. I hope I finally get there by Monday.

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Michael said...

Which amp do you regret selling more the Marantz or the Sony?