Wednesday, April 6, 2011

EPI 100s. All time classics.

I have 2 sets of these speakers, which were manufactured from 1967 until 1979 (!). One pair are 100Ws, with walnut cabinets and tweeter level controls. The others are 100Vs, with woodgrain vinyl cabinets and no tweeter level controls. I replaced the single capacitors in both pairs. The difference in the 100Vs was huge and immediate. The difference in the 100Ws has been much less apparent. I'm sure that I need to open up the Ws and either clean the tweeter level pots, or better, bypass them. Later EPIs didn't have the unecessary control, and are better for it. The speakers sound best flat and besides, that kind of adjustment is best left to tone controls.

The bottom line, is that the EPI 100 is a fantastic speaker, and a huge bargain. Don't underestimate it's musicality. It's always a pleasure to listen to.


john mathers said...

I have to concur with Lloyd's review. I've just re-foamed the woofers on an old pair of EPI 100 v's and connected them to an equally as old nad 3020 to "burn" them in a little.... basically I am blown away by the musicality & presence of this setup. I've listened to much more exotic gear over the years but I am questioning keeping any of it after this "ear- opener"! Keep up the good work Lloyd great read!

Anonymous said...

I live in the netherlands and i have the 100's to. Think its the only pair here in holland. They are my favorite speakers. They are superior to
my AR 4x!!