Sunday, April 3, 2011

One of the most beautiful receivers ever.

This 60 watt/channel beauty was Pioneer's top of the line in 1972 & 1973. Even one model generation later, in the 3 series, we don't see this kind of quality and attention to detail: solid metal knobs, engraved faceplate, walnut veneer sleeve, front panel light dimmer switch (!) & awesome internal construction. It sounds as strong and beautiful as it looks, and is now one of my absolute favorites.


v8andvintage said...

Unfortunatelly I have only a 535 and I'm looking for this model.

Anonymous said...

Inspires me to restore my SX-939.

Anonymous said...

I have an 838 I picked up last year. The 2 series is the one I drooled over as a kid though.

hi-fi said...

I just found you site and am having SO much fun here! Good for you (and us!) for a well-done and sorely missing 70's audio shrine. I love your showcase of the SX-828. It looks exactly like mine, which I'd make love to if I could. Ok, I only said that to emphasize my enthusiasm, I'm not at all into electocution :-)

Anonymous said...

I just "Won" one on the Bay after loving the restored $20 thrift store 626 for the last 2 years.
Of all my receivers these early 70's Pioneers and late 70's Luxmans have been my favorite sounding and most versatile in integrating modern components.
Remotes, source selectors (with remotes) and EQ's have earned their place in the world.
Too bad Lux never added any cool blue blackface backlit dials-on-silver or THREE speaker options!
The more powerful subsequent lineups were more tactily sterile too I think.
Early 70's Pioneers are pretty doggone special in many ways from their "tube-like" warmth, decent (3 gang, must be bad!) tuners, awesome soundstage and headroom and general over-engineered everyday blue collar switches, buttons and guts.
Spec-wise, the 828 is pretty much twice everything (FM, AM, power, consumption) as the "midrange" 626 and even that sounds phenominal to me with any source and on any speakr setup.
Anyone who's into 128kbps mp3 rips off youtube would never understand these things.
BTW, how come Best Buy doesn't carry this awesome receiver lineup anymore?
Love your blog man. Somehow I got here,
Peace, JB