Saturday, November 27, 2010

A very cool find.

I'll do more research soon, but I know that Avant made high quality speakers in Canada with excellent european drivers. These 5AXs are as big as JBL L100s, weight the same, and have 12 inch woofers with massive square Alnico magnets and fuse protected Audax/Polydax tweeters and mids. I refoamed the woofers last night and after an hour of playing, they sound great.

Two days later, they continue to sound great, and now look beautiful with the real walnut veneer cabinets sanded and oiled.


GBC said...

I found a pair of these on the street and had trouble with the re-foam.
What size gasket did you use?
Greg C

Mike Cornell said...

I have a pair of these as well. i needed to reform the woofers and ended up replacing the tweeters as one was blown. Not thrilled with the replacement tweeters I bought so now that I know he originals were Audax/Polydax, I'll look for some of those. Even so, these sound quite good. Mine are not in as great shape as yours but you've inspired me to do a bit of work on the cabinets.