Tuesday, November 16, 2010

JBL L19s Improved.

I had a pair of L19s in 2008, and really liked them. I bought a pair of beautiful L19 cabinets today, with crossovers, grills and badges. I installed the correct LE26 tweeters (from the L50s) and the 2 working 2118J woofers from my aborted JBL 4612 OK project (the cabinets are just too rough, and 2 of the woofers were reconed badly). They are at least twice as heavy as the stock L19 woofers, which are very good, with much bigger magnets and cloth surrounds that will last forever. The result is awesome, with a bigger sound in every good way. I will take real photos as soon as the weather permits. As great as JBL home speakers are, the professional stuff is stunning.

I just noticed that this 8 inch woofer (not sure what the number is...maybe 2118? the stamp is blurred and obscured...even the Lansing Heritage Library is missing some years of pro catalogues) is more than twice as heavy as the 10 inch 125A in the L26s! These upgraded L19s are wonderful.

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