Monday, November 8, 2010

One off JBL L26 photos.

This pair had cabinets that were painted black when I got them. Stripped, sanded and oiled, they look like an old oak bar, with a few burn marks and knife scratches, but have a comforting warmth. The woofers are 127As, with regular dustcaps, drop in replacements for the 125As, one of which died on me. These L26s also have one black eye tweeter (LE25-2, original to the series) and one red (older LE25 from an L100 Century). The drivers are so similar that JBL recommends the LE25-2 as a replacement for the LE25, I'm just doing it the other way.

This pair (my 4th) has been a thrill and a relief after the lacklustre L50s, that I wanted so much to love, but just can't. As I've said before, the JBL L26 deserves a place beside the other classic american 2 way 10 inch woofer systems of the 70s, the Advent and the Dynaco A-25. It's that good.

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steve z. said...

And let's not forget the ADS L620 (although they used German drivers).... I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.