Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My computer is fried

I can't begin to tell you (but will anyway) how behind the curve I've been. I've been doing my day job (the one that pays the rent) on a Mac dual G4/1000.Tonight it's toast...I should be on an Intel Mac tomorrow, but I've been unable to post pictures tonight. The JBL L36s and the KEF 104s are ready to rock (or swing), and look great. If I can get a little cooperation from the old stuff, I will post pictures tonight, if not please stay tuned, the technical issues are temporary.

That being said, can you imagine making the blog I make, and doing a day job on a 10 year old computer running Windows? I didn't think so.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I audtioned a KFC DoubleDown last week. If you haven't, you should, but see your doctor first. It lacks transparency, but is a solid choice if you are curious about the state of the art in sodium and fat... it is truly the leading edge.

1 comment:

Daiwai said...

Hi Lloyd, no problem to decompose all the fat with the hefty speaker work you do...=)