Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just Arrived: Electrovoice Studio Monitors

I've had 2 different pairs of EV Sentry 100As, late 70s 2 way, 8 inch, double ported compact studio monitors. I've loved them both times (here are the last set). They date from the late 70s. These just arrived MS-802s appear to be the same speaker, with perhaps some subtle updates, and a bland oak woodgrain finish instead of pro black. Compare the Engineering Data Sheets, and you'll see what I mean. Anyway, it's great to have Electrovoice back in the house. Made in Buchannan, Michigan, they were engineered, designed, and manufactured to very high standards, and were in my opinion, the JBL of the east. They are sounding great on 2 foot stands (too boomy on low stands...makes sense...typical studio installations would be up high.

More about these soon, with pictures.

I also have a ruggedly cool, slowly put together, oddball set of JBL L26s that sound amazing, and have changed my thinking about the cool looking L50s (not for the better). I'll try to get pictures tomorrow.

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