Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Update

The JBL L40s will be leaving later today. The Marantz 1150D left late last week. I have been using Son Of Ampzilla with the L40s for most of the week, and last night started to think about what speakers I'd use once the JBLs are gone. I hooked up the Szabo 831s, and was pleased. Then I realized that I hadn't checked out the KEF 104s. After doing my best a few months ago to fix the broken capacitors and swap out a bad woofer, I'd given a quick listen, and pronounced them not fixed. Listening extensively last night, I realized that I'd been way too hasty in my assessment. What I'd thought was a woofer resonance was really the most accurate playback of a slapped upright bass passage that I've heard. I listened to the 104s for hours and they are great! I will finish the fronts as soon as possible, and post new photos. They will be my main speakers for a while.

I expect to have an interesting newer vintage hybrid tube/transistor integrated amp later today. It has pre out/main in capabilities, and I can't wait to hear it as a preamp with Son Of Ampzilla, as well as on its own.

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