Monday, June 14, 2010

New KEF 104 photos.

This pair of speakers has been a long term project. When I got them, they were a mess. The tweeters were both blown, one woofer was making horrible noises, the cabinets were a mess, with many scratches, and a capacitor in one of the crossovers was smashed, fragments at the bottom of the cabinet. I consulted some smarter (than me) speaker experts and installed a pair of Seas tweeters from an original pair of Mission 770s. I replaced the broken capacitor and one woofer.

They sound great! The tweeters are working very well. I couldt buy a set of original T-27 tweeters, but my most experienced and astute speaker advisor tells me that these are an excellent match for the design, a drop in fit, and sound better. I'm very happy with them as they are. The woofers are both original KEFs (as are the passive radiators), but one has a slightly larger dustcap.

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