Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Update: Burhoe Day

It's a beautiful day, so I'm outside sanding the Burhoe Blues. I hope to post pictures later this afternoon.

Updated: They sanded down nicely, and are soaking in their third coat (drink?) of oil in the sun. I'm redoing the grills now.

Updated again:

And Again: The drivers are back in. A significant contribution to the 42 pound weight of these speakers (same as JBL L36s), comes from the tweeter and midrange magnets. The woofers have a New England sourced feel (Advent, Boston Acoustics, etc.) but in a large volume, ported enclosure. These may be the peacemaker in the east coast/west coast sound argument. If an EPI 100 and a JBL L36 had a baby, the Burhoe Blue would be it.

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