Saturday, December 19, 2009

Celestion DL10 Series 2

I know, these were produced in the mid eighties, and don't really belong on this blog. Celestion continued to produce seventies quality speakers, and the DL line was (and continues to be) popular.
They are large 3 way 10 inch rear ported systems with an excellent aluminum dome tweeter, a variant of the one developed for the fabulous SL-6S. The drivers have cast metal frames (not stamped) and rubber surrounds. They use much better speaker wire connectors than the Ditton line, and have the beautiful musicality that makes Ditton 15s, 44s, 22s et al so appreciated today.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have a Pair of DL10 series II speakers, owned them since 1985 (26 years). They definitely have a Titanium Dome Tweeter, not Aluminium an still sound fantastic. I am considering upgrading for a new speaker at the moment, but cannot find anything better for a reasonable price!

Samuel Duncan said...

I can assure anyone reading this that the DL10 series 2 tweeter is aluminium. Celestion only used titanium in the 1990s.

David Weitendorf said...

I just got a pair and restored them. Sound great. Only thing bad is covers are broken think I will just make new ones from scratch.

Anonymous said...

Have read different opinions on the DL10,some it's power hungry and others say it's very easy to drive,which is correct?