Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Update.

The Sony STR-V4 left this morning, paired with the Image speakers. The happy buyer got a beautiful sounding system that will give years of musical joy for less than $200.

Later the same day:
The Harman/Kardon A-402 is gone along with the KEF C-25s. The HK amp is one beautiful looking and sounding amp. I think vintage Harman/Kardon is one of the most underrated (or unrated) brands. It surprises me to see how popular their current home theatre offerings are.

My collection is quite small at the moment. I did pick up a new set of Dynaco A-25s, which sound beautiful, and I continue to enjoy the Burhoe Blues (driven by the Rotel RA-840BX2 as I write). The A-25s are much less efficient than the Blues, but with the proper amp demonstrate awesome naturalness and musicality. They hold their own today, and as I've said recently are classic favorites for good reason. If you listen to mostly classic rock, a pair of Advents might have the edge, but the Dynacos would be what I'd want for jazz.

I'm looking forward to the Krosseyed Kats world premiere gig at Grossman's tomorrow night. I think that Frieda, a unique and extremely talented singer who's been part of the Toronto blues scene for years, has finally found a band that shares her vision and musicianship. If you're in the Toronto area, check it out.

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