Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Marantz Integrated Amps and Tuner

I got 3 new Marantz pieces yesterday. Vladimir is saving my ass on one as I write.
UPDATE: Saved!

I have a 2120 tuner in very nice condition, that works and sounds great. All the fuse lamps on the dial are out, and will be replaced tomorrow.

I have an 1152 DC integrated amp (76 watts/channel). The RCA jacks for the phono inputs are buzzing and will be fixed today or tomorrow. The treble slider control shaft is snapped off. Vladimir is going to rebuild with a new shaft. I listened to the line inputs and it sounds beautiful!

After removing the top and bottom of the 1152B and cleaning everything, I turned my attention to the third piece, an 1122DC integrated amp (61/watts channel). It appeared to be built just like the 1152DC, and I attempted to remove the bottom the same way, ignorant of the fact that on of the circuit boards was screwed to it! As I pulled the metal bottom up, I cracked the edge of the board containing the relay, rendering the amp inoperable. I am just lucky that Vladimir is in his shop today (he doesn't usually work Sundays). He listened to my misfortune without making me feel stupider, and assured me that he can fix it easily (which he is doing right now).

UPDATE: He fixed it! It sounds great!

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