Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Update.

I hope you're having a great weekend. I have a couple of interesting pairs of new canadian speakers, one of which I've had before, and one that I've been curious about.

I have a new pair of Paisley Model 20s, large 10 inch 2 way speakers (no, they're not upside down), that I've had before (and redid in oak veneer last time). They're as good as I remember.

Today I picked up a pair of Enigma speakers. They are large, stand mount 8 inch 2 way ported systems with superb Polydax drivers. Seeing them, I was reminded of the Canadian Rega speakers that I like so much. According to Audio Karma, I was right. The Enigma speakers are 'spinoffs' of the Regas. I have been sniffing around a pair of floor standing Enigma Minx speakers for months (I won't tell you where), and now my curiosity is satisfied. If you ever see a pair of Enigmas, grab them. Pictures coming on Sunday.

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