Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just arrived. Just refoamed.

These were the top of the Radio Shack speaker line in 1979, $80 more per pair than the Mach One. I just finished refoaming the four ten inch woofers and cranked them up. Very nice so far. I'll do some minor refinishing and post pictures tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Very cool checking out the catalog. So much to choose from.

meathenge said...

Oh cool, a pair just sold on ebay a week ago or so. The woofers had been refoamed, seemed in decent shape. Ended up selling for just over a hair of 300 bux, US. I put in a bid during the last hour, but I was the only one. Then 2 or 3 others sniped in at the last second or 3. Was fun to watch!

xo, Biggles