Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Update

The JBL L112s are gone, after a great week of enjoying them, and some discussion with members of the Lansing Heritage website that I will tell you more about soon.

The new Meraks
left quickly, and will make their new owner very happy. This second pair of M3s looked better than the first, and sounded even better. I have a year more of experience, and I've learned a lot from success and many mistakes, but I know these speakers really shine.

I have a beautiful pair of Dynaco A-25s in great condition:

I have a Marantz 3200 preamp. Unlike the 3300 I told you about last week, this one is made in Japan. I'm just finishing some cleaning, and can't wait to hear it. The construction quality looks very good.

The 3200 sounds very good so far, and cleaned up quite nicely, a few small scratches aside. I also have a factory made woodgrain vinyl case from a 1070 integrated that fits beautifully:

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Anonymous said...

The 3200 is a great pre-amp... I had one in the late 70's with a Marantz 140 power amp (75w/ ch) ... very nice combo ... my buddy in North Bay now has it & enjoys it a lot ...I also used it with a Marantz 240 power amp (125W / CH) through JBL 36'S...EXCELLENT SOUND !!!