Saturday, September 12, 2009

Szabo 833s just refoamed.

I got these fantastic speakers back in a trade. Here's what I said six months ago after a few days listening:
The Szabo 833s are fabulous! Amazing bass, stunning midrange (from an excellent dome midrange driver), excellent imaging...all in all one of the finest speakers I've had.

I'm really enjoying them again. Since I last had them here I've started using an external USB DAC, and found a modest turntable that makes me happy, so the Szabos sound even better than before.

I wish I could say that I wasn't surprised that the foams were starting to disintegrate only 7 months after I last heard them, when the foams seemed to be in fine shape, but I was. Such is the nature of these volatile old foam compounds (most of which rot into petroleum based gummy tarlike sludge, that has to be scraped off the cone and basket before refoaming) still looked great, but peeled off the cone in one sticky piece, the other looked fine except for the quarter that was gone!

Anyhow, I refoamed them this afternoon, inverting the surrounds as the 8 inch woofers had been originally. They sound gorgeous right now with the Sansui.

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Anonymous said...

I just picked up a pair myself ( Black cabs ). They sound great!
Do you know the history on Szabo speakers?

Thanks Ian

Robin Dewit said...

John Szabo is my grandfather who passed over 5 years ago. What would you like to know?