Friday, September 11, 2009

JBL L26 Speakers

Before I started this blog, when I was just starting on my seventies stereo journey, the first pair of full size speakers I bought to refoam were a pair of these. I took them home and refoamed them, and had my first proper JBL experience in my own place. I am excited to have this pair, and went to work on them as soon as I got them home! They have been sanded (many scratches removed) and oiled. They look great. I will clean the grill cloths (or redo them).

Every time I hook up a pair of JBLs I get a warm feeling. Whether big or small (and these aren't small), the quality of construction (drivers and cabinets) and attention to detail is fantastic.

Every time I hear a pair I get an even warmer feeling! I am not articulate enough to tell you what is so wonderful about these speakers, but if a speaker can be warm and neutral at the same time, these are.

The original sales brochure for the Decade line can be found here. The L26 brochure can be found here.

I have had three pairs of L36s, 2 pairs of L16s and now my second pair of L26s (which are sounding very good with the Sansui 8080). It will be a great weekend.

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