Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Update

This album is sensational!

I refoamed the AR 3As on saturday night. All the drivers work, but they don't sound anything like these legendary speakers legend suggests they should. The problem, I think, is either the tweeter and midrange adjustment pots or the crossover capacitors. This comprehensive guide to restoring them humbles me. I am sure they are worth the effort and attention, but I may not have the skill and patience required. I am selling them as is to someone who does.

I was more successful in refoaming my first pair of The Advent Loudspeaker yesterday. As I mentioned, I've never done a pair of Advent woofers with the masonite ring (so the 10 inch woofer can have a longer travel in a 12 inch basket). It really wasn't much more difficult than the later 10 inch version. They sound every bit as good as I'd hoped. Advents are classics for good reason! This pair have utility (woodgrain vinyl) cabinets with some scratches, and the grill fabric could use replacing (I've not found a good match yet) or perhaps drycleaning. These will be available at a real bargain price. They sound too good to not be enjoyed.

I got a Marantz 2230B today! This is a model I haven't had (or even seen) before) I spent the afternoon cleaning it inside and out and replacing all the lights (except the tuner pointer light and one of the 5 fuse lights, which I will buy and do tomorrow). It looks great and sounds better, like a 2220B with 50% more power. I will post pictures when it's finished.

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