Thursday, June 18, 2009

ElectroVoice Sentry 100A Studio Monitors

Pictures soon. This pair doesn't have grills, and the foam diffraction rings around the tweeters are missing (they rot like foam speaker surrounds). I have already ordered replacements from EV.

I had a pair of these about 2 years ago, enjoyed them for months and joined Canuck Audio Mart to sell them. They are fantastic: clean, clear and neutral, with surprising bass response. They really are professional grade studio monitors, and were my first taste of the breed.

They are very utilitarian looking, with black vinyl wrap cabinets. They are machines for engineering recordings on, not everybody's cup of tea, but one of my all time favourites.

1 comment:

lulupipo said...

oh sure the foam around the tweeters do rot !
where have you sent your claim for replacement ?
i can't find any information about the Sentry 100
on EV's site.