Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Mission Argonaut photos.

A wild pair. Explanation to follow.

  From earlier postings, you know that they were black. I bought them from a shop that had two pairs. Both were in rough shape, and I excitedly bought what appeared (without checking serial numbers) to be the better of the bad. Because it was a vintage specialty audio shop, I assumed I was choosing between two matched pairs. What I didn't realize, because they were black and because I was anxious, was that I got the better speaker of each pair. This is why the side veneers are so different, and why I should've looked more carefully. Mission pairs have identical serial numbers, these don't. I worked very hard on the pair I'm enjoying so much (and they've been my go to speakers since I reinstalled the components).
  I could buy the other pair (which have some smashed corners), strip them, work even harder to restore them, and end up with two beautiful but very different matched pairs, or I can live with this wild pair. The grain of the front veneers is close, the front baffles look great and the drivers are almost perfect (one woofer has an abrasion on the front of the frame, that's all).  I'll let you know when I decide.
Update: The issue was decided for me. I went back to the second shop, and they were gone. I can stop wondering what to do!

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Forgotten Jon said...

Hi I bumped into this page a year or so ago but remembered the great looking finish you achieved on the 780's Im now thinking of trying to obtain this on a pair of 765's I wonder if you could tell me what you did, did you just sand and seal? Thanks, great blog btw