Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mission 710s at last.

When I got these the original woofers were long gone (replaced with cheap car audio woofers), and after looking high and low, I determined that they're unobtainable. I tried 'upgrading' with woofers from a pair of 770s, and it didn't work (I thought it did at first, because I wanted it to).The woofers were too much for the cabinet volume, and the bass was disappointingly anemic. Frank Fabian at The Speaker Shop recommended a suitable brand new polypropylene cone replacement, which I just installed, and they sound fantastic; beautifully balanced, full and musical, with that magical Mission presence.

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Jim Larocque said...

I have a pair of Mission 710s and would like to know what make/part number woofer you used to repair yours. I tried changing the woofers with similarly poor results. I will also have to make crossover mods, so I would appreciate any information you might be able to provide on that as well