Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Mission 717s


  When I got my first pair of Mission 717s 2 years ago, the tweeters had been replaced with Advent 'fried  eggs'. Based on a few, unclear pictures I was able to find, I concluded that the correct tweeters would be the Seas replacements I used. I was wrong. It was an honest mistake, considering how closely the correct Polydax tweeters resemble Seas tweeters, especially in fuzzy photos.
  This pair came to me with all original drivers (which is how I realized I'd been wrong the first time). One tweeter was blown, but Frank at The Speaker Shop was able to find the correct replacement on a rectangular faceplate (as used in canadian Rega speakers), and mount it in the round faceplate of the blown one.
  When I got this pair, 12 of the 16 corners were smashed! I cast new corners in epoxy, using cardboard forms (smeared with Vaseline on the inside so the epoxy doesn't adhere), and touched them up with furniture putty crayons.
  They're lovely speakers, with the musical, punchy Mission sound I love so much.

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Karol Cyb said...

Polydax ? I think original is Audax made in france but maybe i'm wrong