Sunday, August 26, 2012

Merak M.5s restyled.

The speakers are an homage to Mission, so I made them look it. Updated: These smallish Merak Acoustics speakers use the same Seas tweeter as Meraks big floor standing systems (the M3 and M4), and famously in the superb Mission 770 (and Boston Acoustics finest), and an excellent 6 inch polypropylene woofer in an elegantly (and generously) proportioned ported cabinet. They're well built and braced. They sound great. Because they are an homage to (or ripoff of) Missions, I made some styling changes to reflect that. The front baffle is hammertone gray, the grills are black, and the speakers look much more serious than when they were all a busy woodgrain vinyl. The woofers have been refoamed with professionally 8 inch modified surrounds, the modifications being necessary because no stock surround available from a vast selection (at the Speaker Shop) had the extreme inner and outer diameters necessary. There is a visible seam, but the woofers sound and behave perfectly.