Sunday, August 19, 2012

Just arrived. More speakers.

I just finished refoaming the 10 inch woofers on a pair of Sound Dynamics 500 Concert Monitors. One of my favourite canadian brands of the seventies, they're early Cerwin Vega clones, but with better components and JBL quality cabinetry (I mean the wood joining, not the ho-hum fake woodgrain vinyl). They even had orange surrounds.I refoamed with black, as always. Personally, I never liked the orange. True 'Vega fans can write nasty comments.
   I also have a small pair of Theil Model 02 bookshelf speakers, designed by Jim Theil, one of the masters of american speaker design, (but not early on, marketing). These are small oak veneer ported boxes with Peerless dome tweeters (as seen in Polk audio Monitors) and 6.5 inch Peerless (rubber surround) woofers. They're made in Markham, Ontario. I haven't listened for long, but they're sweet little speakers.

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