Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thanks for your comments. They're Radio Shack components from the mid eighties, probably bought as an assemble it yourself 'dream' system. These were premium parts.   If you know what model this is, please tell me. I just refoamed the woofers, and I believe that these have Foster drivers.


A pair of JBL L36s in very nice condition. I haven't heard a pair in ages, and they're always a joy.

A pair of Merak M.5s, just like these. I think I have a better chance of finding the correct foams. I didn't know The Speaker Shop 4 years ago!


Anonymous said...

I don't think those are factory Realistic speakers. Looks like some Realistic drivers in a cabinet. I have a larger pair of similar speakers. The guy I bought them from said it was a home brew project using those same drivers that were sold separately. That is one nice midrange and tweeter though. I bet they sound decent, mine sound very nice...

Buzz Windrip said...

They may be more closely related to your L36's than you know. Harman made a lot of the Realistic replacement drivers on their automated lines. In the late 80's when I worked there, the "Radio Shack" trucks would pull up in Northridge (they had their own transport system) and Sidney Harman would ask the operations guys to move another van in next to them while they were loading so the logo would not be that visible. Great fun.