Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tangent SPL 1s

I found these mini monitors a while ago. They are like the pair in this link, but the cabinets were an awful woodgrain vinyl. a good friend of the blog brought some stunning veneers over, and they inspired me! I stripped the speakers, and am almost finished veneering them. When i posted last night I expected them to be finished today, but it wasn't to be. You'll see them soon.

Last night I was listening to them (half veneered) driven by the Sansui AU-717 (which is a bigger amp than they need) on a recording I hadn't heard before, Thelonius Monk Live At Monterey Jazz Festival 1963. I was completely aborbed. The band is fantastic, the recording is very natural, and the speakers disappear and let me hear the band spread across the stage, just like Dick Chapman said in this 1978 review.

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