Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scott Type 222C photos.

This a fantastic amplifier. It has all the good stuff that tube gear is supposed to have, and I could listen to music on this 24/7. It sounds 'ballsier' to me than the Dynaco tube gear (ST-70, PAS-3) I had last year. It has better bass extension than the Dynacos, but in my opinion, this is where tubes aren't the ultimate. If you listen to dance, reggae or even lots of Led Zeppelin, I think you'll find the transient response a bit lacking compared to a beefy solid state amp (say a Sansui AU-717). Overall, the sound is so musical and satisfying that you may not care. I'm loving it!

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kelsci said...

H.H. Scott had a great reputation for their equipment though I do not recall ever hearing a unit. I heard alot of Fisher tube receivers in the 60s. I did own a Dynaco Stereo 70 and the Pas 3x preamp. I thought the sound was superb but very different than Fisher sound. Too hot to use any sort of tube equipment in Florida; fights the air conditioner.