Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Old friends, new aquaintances.

Remember, I can refoam your speakers.

A long time reader of the blog just left with his Advent/1s, which I refoamed for him. It was a pleasure to hear them again. They are excellent speakers, and real bargains.

I also just refoamed a pair of 2 way 8 inch speakers made by JPW in England. This is a brand I've been curious about for a while. The drivers are by Vifa. They're beautifully made, with great wood cabinets. I did an excellent refoam, if I can be immodest for a second. The speakers sound very nice, but rather 'polite' compared to the Snell Type Ks and Mission 700s, 2 systems with the same tweeters and similar woofers, that have lived here recently.


Quitter said...

Hey lloyd - you might remember me as the english guy that took a rotel 80s amp off your hands some time ago.

JPW - I might be wrong, but I think JPW as a brand came to major prevelance in the late 80s / early 90s, and were (i think) sold almost exclusively through discount UK hi-fi chain "Richer Sounds" - who at one point were the exclusive retailers in the UK for Cambridge Audio.

If I recall, JPW speakers were actually all made in a prison rehabilitation workshop! (maybe the PW meant prison workers?).

They made these cheap mini-monitors that were (for the money) quite outstanding, but we are talking $130 or so for a new pair - so considering the competition in the market it wasn't hard to stand out - plus they were so cheap because the Richer Sounds store had the capacity to sell millions of units (their retail philosophy was tiny, tiny stores with hi-fi gear piled from floor to ceiling - cheap rent and the savings passed onto consumers).

geo said...

Very nice refoam indeed. BTW, only the cabinets were made by inmates in Dartmoore Prison. The speakers were assembled in JPW's factory in Plymouth.