Sunday, April 18, 2010

Original British Mission 700s Refinished.

Update: The person who bought them needs to have them on a shelf on their sides, so I just refinished the bottoms too.

Email me.


Anonymous said...

Just picked up a pair of these 700's from a skip. Sadly one of the woofers has been replaced with somthing very similar(even down to the part number) but isn't correct being 100w and 6ohm. Any idea where I can find a spare original? I am currently refoaming the other one and hope it works and sounds better than the replacement one which tbh sounds terrible.

C7SSP said...


I have a pair of original UK Mission 700s but the cone suspension on the woofers is pretty much crumbling away now.

Would be grateful if anyine can tell me the 'most appropriate' replacement drivers after so many years.


Anonymous said...

The modern replacement for the 700 Mission woofers is a Monacor SPH 210 poly woofer available in the UK, and the tweeter is the Vifa 3/4 inch poly dome available from Parts Express.