Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another pair of JBL L26s!

UPDATED: These are fantastic! That Ry Cooder/Ali Farka Toure album is sounding gorgeous. I will try to never be without a pair of vintage JBLs again.
I got these somewhere that ordinarily sells bicycles. I couldn't listen to them. The drivers looked ok, the refoam on the woofers looked very good. When I listened, I was mortified. One woofer distorted horribly, and one tweeter was dead.

The woofers had not been refoamed well. One (the distorted sounding one) was refoamed with heavy voice coil rubbing. I redid both, and they sound like they should.

I replaced the blown LE25-2 tweeter with an LE25-1. Other than the orange surround on the LE25-1, they are for all intents and purposes identical: in fact the LE25-2 is the JBL recommended replacement for an LE25-1. Both tweeters are dimpled, the sound is unaffected.

These speakers are sounding great with the Marantz 1150D.

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