Friday, April 23, 2010

Jensen Model 4

This shot was taken with the cabinets refinished, but the woofers on my table waiting to be refoamed. I just had to show you how nicely the cabinets turned out, and how cool the grills are.

The Model 4s are sealed 3 way, 10 inch acoustic suspension systems. I will post grill off pictures tomorrow, but the tweeters are fabric domes that appear very sophisticated for their vintage, and the mids have funny plush blue covers and sealed backs (I could feel with the woofers removed). The woofers appear to be well made, with stamped baskets (like KLH, Advent, EPI, Genesis, and most other New England manufacturers) and heavy magnets. They will be easy to refoam.

Update: I have refoamed them and am just starting to listen. They are very nice New England sounding speakers. More to come.

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