Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Receiver I've Wanted For A Long Time

Updated with photos

It's a Sony STR-7055. The Vintage Knob has lots of information here. It's from 1972, rated at 45 watts/channel into 8 ohms, 55 watts/channel into 4 ohms. It has a beautiful real wood case that I will refinish tomorrow, but looks incredibly cool in the standard metal case, which has been hidden since 1972 and looks almost new. The whole receiver looks almost new after cleaning, and sounds gorgeous. I've said a few times, the Sony equipment from the seventies is fantastic and very underrated. This receiver competes with Marantz and Sansui of the same vintage, with better construction quality. I said when discussing the TA-3650 amplifier that Sony's industrial design is a matter of taste, and the same applies here. Some will find it dull. I find it cool. I will post photos tomorrow.

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Kevin MacNutt said...

I have some similar Sonys of this era. I've got a STR-6065 (given to me by my father-in-law who knows I am a collector) and a STR-7045 which I picked up for $20, both of which are great sounding units. The 6065 sounds a little cleaner than the 7045. My favorite at the moment is a STR-5800SD which I see you also have. I found it with the plug cut off for $25. I mended the cord and it is in excellent condition. Those old Sonys are very underrated units.