Monday, January 4, 2010

Lots to get fixed.

Vladimir's shop is going to be full! The Marantz 1122DC is going for a visit today to have it's harsh right channel phono problem attended to.

The beastly UREI 6500 is going to have it's dead right side looked at. Over the holiday I determined that the amplifier modules both work when they are in the left housing, pointing to the problem being in the right side's power supply.

I haven't discussed the Marantz 4400 Quadrial receiver in a long time (though I never stopped thinking about it). Through the generosity of an anonymous benefactor, I was able to send Vladimir the entire service manual for it. Vladimir said it would help, but also requested a big printout of the full schematic. Being cheap, I didn't want to pay for large format output, so waited 'til the holiday to print it out on 12 letter size pages and tile it together. Armed with what he needs I'm confident that Vladimir will have this big baby running this week.

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