Friday, January 1, 2010

Mission 770 Freedom 4 Photos

Happy New Year! I wish you all a year of peace, prosperity, beautiful music and cool equipment.

The streaks in the photos are blurred snowflakes, but no speakers were harmed or frozen in producing these pictures.

This pair was in Mission's black ash finish, which to me is way too opaque, masking the grain, and looking less like wood than black woodgrain vinyl.

I had only a short time to get the finish off these in the cold on Thursday, so tried a paint stripper instead of my usual laborious sanding. It was messy, but worked like a charm (which I'm sure doesn't surprise any of you who have tried it). it then took only a light, fine sanding to get out scratches and make them as smooth as glass. They have only had two applications of oil (I like at least four), and will keep getting nicer.

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Craig Johnston said...

I have just purchased a pair of these in black ash finish and am inspired to strip mine back to the wood veneer also. I have a pair of 770S which are grain matched around the speaker cabinet and look amazing. Was the grain matched up under the black ash coating on the 770's?. Wondering what to expect when / if I start with the paint stripper...

Craig Johnston said...

*Sorry I have a pair of 700S that are wood grain... (Dummy).