Friday, August 22, 2008


I find these Missions really amazing! The sound is really musical with beautiful imaging and really solid bass (when placed on low stands which are also important for getting the horn tweeters at seated ear level).
The woofers are in great shape. The tweeters (and overall sound and midrange blend) sound great but show some deformation of the diaphragm (mentioned in the linked article) . The cabinets are a custom light oak veneer and complement the pleasing proportions of the enclosure while relieving the graphic confusion of the original grooves around the whole cabinet. There is still lots of graphic chaos with the Mission logo appearing 3 times on each charcoal front. The cabinets are heavy solid and as the link shows very well made. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd,

I have recently come into possession of a pair of these 770 Freedom's.
When I was cleaning them one of he drivers/woofers developed a very slight tear.
Do you know if there is a replacement or an alternative approach to fixing this issue?

Cheer mate,