Friday, May 9, 2014

ADS L780/2 Loudspeakers

  Visitors to Seventies Stereo World Corporate Headquarters who've heard ADS speakers here in the past have commented that they have a level of clarity and natural detail that they've only experienced before when using headphones. It's hard to argue. I've loved all seven sets that have passed through here from tiny to healthy medium.
  This pair of 3 way eight inch beauties are chips off the block, clean, clear and very musical.


Anonymous said...

Curious to know... Between the 780s and the 810s, which sounded better and in what ways?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the 810's, but I am currently A/B ing the 780/2 and 710's. Very hard to distinguish between the two. 710's have a tad smoother bass and sound more natural in the midrange. I am playing through a Sansui AU-222 at very tube like 13 watts a channel. Both speakers sound great and very buttery. I will note that the 810's have been noted to be a touch boomy in the midbass compared to the 710's. Excellent blog photos!