Monday, November 4, 2013

Energy 22 Reference with Sound Dynamics tweeters. Canadian hybrids.

  I told you I had an idea, but I wasn't the first. When I told the guy I bought the Energys from what I planned to do, he told be it would work well, because he'd tried it. The tweeters come from Sound Dynamics (made by API, like Energy), and were used in 2 way systems with woofers as large as 15 inches. This told me that the tweeters must be capable of being crossed over low, an important thing to consider when replacing a hyperdome.
  The system sounds fantastic, exceeding my expectations. I've been enjoying them with all kinds of music, from delicate to very heavy.


PS Dave said...

You must have added a resistor into the mix as the Sound Dynamic horn tweeters are far more efficient than the 22 woofer. Did you mod the crossover at all?
I got another fix that I am going to try using a Vifa OC25SC65-04 tweeter and mounting it to the original Energy 22 face plates. I think this fix can be had relatively cheap.

Anonymous said...

I have an identical pair of black 22 Reference speakers with one working tweeter and I'm curious about your source for these tweeters. Do you happen to have a model number, or the model number of the speakers they came from?


Schooner333 said...

I just stumbled upon this blog and saw this post. Not sure if this is any interest to you or not, but I thought I would post the link.