Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ortofon 445s first photo.

  I've learned more about these wonderful speakers. They were top of the line when introduced (sometime between 1975 & 1977) in North America, and cost a staggering $700/pair back then (adjusting for inflation, they'd be over $2,500 today!). The woofers are aperiodically vented. The crossover and all drivers are by Scanspeak. The speakers were available in walnut or rosewood veneer. These are rosewood. Most file photos and descriptions I found suggest that the front baffles are simulated woodgrain. This pair has real rosewood veneer front baffles.   These are much nicer than yesterday's file photo, and sound very good.


Duey said...

great lookin speaker eh? im sure you'll let us know how they sound, question for you tho bud, where dod you usually pick up material for grille cloth? say in black?

Unknown said...
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